New Site – Update

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So I’m working on my new WordPress *site* — not blog — it’s run on my own server. So it will be bandwidth-wise a little bit slow, but it will be easier for me to customize and more flexible. And, we get our own forums.

Most importantly – the domain DOES STILL WORK, and probably will continue to, except now I’m considering using as my main domain. I can’t call a High Stakes website “NFS High Stakes Unofficial Website”… it needed a title so it will be HSCentral, and that should be your primary way to reach it.


ALSO – my new contact info should be on HSCentral pretty soon. My old email address, or any other one mentioned over one month ago, is unused. Just FYI. (I never use the Yahoo account at all)



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pretty much all my high stakes blogs and forums are useless now… because I am creating a brand new High Stakes website with forums and uploading capabilities.

Now bear with me – there is nothing at all yet, but it will be done sometime this summer!!

Any comments and questions you can email me at hs rocks 73 @ yahoo . com or better yet PM me on NFSCars

Welcome to The Archives

September 24, 2009 at 12:31 pm | Posted in Site News | 2 Comments

Thanks for visiting NFS High Stakes: The Archives. Our purpose is to provide every single car, track, tool, or mod package that we can find for NFS:4. Some fans of the game like me can’t stand watching great mods go down the drain and not do anything about it. Let’s speed up the now slow modding scene – we’ve already got three new skilled authors, and let’s put the mods back together!


NFSMods still under construction

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Sorry, visitors. You can access everything, but I don’t always have enough time to update all my blogs – I already spend waay too much time doing so. NFSMods has always been last, unfortunately, but soon it will be updated 🙂

Welcome to NFSMods

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…the center for the best addons for the awesome game by Electronic Arts: Need For Speed 4: High Stakes (aka Road Challenge). I’ll only add the best addons – the ones that are full-grid raceable (less than 5500 triangles), have damage, and overall are great extensions to the stock game. Have fun looking around, I’ll add more cars when I get the chance. 🙂


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